Jump ParkAirHeads Trampoline Arena is a Jump Park That Will Allow You to Get the Most Out of Life’s Little Ups and Downs

AirHeads Trampoline Arena is a jump park where good times are always just a hop, skip, and a jump away. That’s something to take into consideration with more and more kids leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Finding a physical activity that gets them out of the house and exercising is not only a great way for families to bond, it’s also a way to improve the overall health of both children and adults alike. Drop by our jump park for an afternoon of bouncing in a clean, bright, cheerful environment. We consider ourselves facilitators of fun, but never at the expense of safety. That’s why our trampoline floor is constantly patrolled by our Air Traffic Controllers. Think of them as referees blowing the whistle on any activity that might put others at risk, such as:

  • Double jumping
  • Running
  • Rough housing
  • Climbing the wall
  • Sitting or lying on the trampoline
  • Sneaking food or drink into the arena
  • And not landing with both feet

What’s more, our jump park is divided into separate, age-specific sections so little leapers will never have to share airspace with bigger bouncers. And, when you need a break from all those flights of fancy, you can visit our extensive arcade to climb behind the wheel of a driving simulator, challenge a friend to a game of air hockey, or see if you can grab a prize out of the claw machine.

Of course, you’re bound to work up an appetite with all that bouncing. Our jump park café serves a variety of delicious foods such as pizza, salads, wraps, and chicken wings – perfect for refueling after a busy day of takeoffs and landings.

To learn more about AirHeads Trampoline Arena and jump park, contact us today. And, although walk-ins are always welcome, we do recommend you make reservations since we often reach capacity during our busiest days.