About AirHeads Trampoline Arena

To provide our guests with a fun & fit experience.

To become America’s next great Family Entertainment Brand.

Core Values:
Enthusiastic Service, Safety First, Uncompromising Cleanliness.

AirHeads Trampoline Arena is Central Florida’s premier destination for airborne amusement. Daily open-jump sessions require no reservations, allowing gravity-loathers to launch themselves skyward at the drop of a hat. Simply pull on required Grip Socks (they are a one time purchase of $2.99 and they can be brought back for future uses without any additional cost) by AirHeads and you’re ready for an hour, or more, of aerial cardio action. The bounce-intensive surface promotes ever-increasing hang-time increments in a low-impact workout that lets the joints off easy but puts lower-body muscles through rigorous training. All that bouncing is also intensely aerobic and much better for your lungs than underwater body-building competitions. If you’ve had enough free-floating fitness, join a bouncing band of ball dodgers at one of AirHeads’ pick-up trampoline-dodgeball games. After galumphing up an appetite or intense skeeball craving, head to the AirCafé or AirCade for fresh fare and fair games.

There’s no experience required at AirHeads, which provides a singular soaring experience that’s great for group outings or individual jumpers frustrated by the draconian limitations of gravity.